Education in a notebook.

Docable is an EdTech platform for weaving resources, coding exercises, slides, instructions and more into a seamless learning experience for students. All in a single interactive learning notebook.

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Example Notebooks

You can find an example for most of Docable features in our published docable-examples notebook.
Check out some of the important features below

Feature Highlights

Embedded Terminals

Docable allows you include embedded terminals in your document. That can be a REPL, bash, or MySQL shell, or any other intereactive program you want. See a live example here.

Script cells

Docable script cells allows you directly run a snippet of code, powered by same code editor you use in VS Code with built-in intelliSense code completion. See live examples here.

File cells

Unlike traditional "notebooks", Docable supports several types of cells for presenting information such as content of files. File cells are powered by same code editor you use in VS Code with built-in intelliSense code completion, and can be executed to create the desired files. See live examples here.


You need more than one target environment for your advanced infrastructures tutorial?

No problem, Docable lets you do that! You can define multiple target environments in your document and configure each notebook cell to execute in your desired environment.

Embed your slides, YouTube video, and more

Docable allows you embed your slides and YouTube videos in your notebooks. This is specially useful when using the notebooks for teaching a course.


Your notebook can include quizes to point out important points about your course content or blog post.

Publishing from GitHub

Publishing notebooks on is as easy as flipping a toggle switch in your dashboard! Simply enable your GitHub repository and its notebooks will be published from now on.
We tested Docable in a university classroom, before recommending it to you!
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