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Reduce the friction in your course preps! Instead of using multiple tools and self hosting content, use Docable for an all-in-one platform with the features and flexibility you need.

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Making your course content is much easier when you have Docable's AI Assistant! Let it continue writing for you, or generate creative exercise problems that you can give to your students!

Docable allows you include embedded terminals in your document. That can be a REPL, bash, or MySQL shell, or any other intereactive program you want.

Unlike traditional "notebooks", Docable supports several types of cells for presenting information such as content of files. File editors are powered by same code editor you use in VS Code with built-in intelliSense code completion, and will automatically write the changes to the file in your notebook environment.

Docable Live Code cells allow you directly run a snippet of code. Live Code cell is provides you the same features explained as "File editor" above with the addition of a run button to execute the code.

Docable allows you embed your slides, YouTube videos and more in your documents. This is specially useful when using the notebooks for teaching a course.

Your notebook can include quizes to point out important points about your course content or blog post.

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Docable is currently in private beta and we're accepting requests to join. If you join the private beta and the decide to migrate your course material to Docable, we currently have a limited offer for you, to with the migration of content.

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Frequently asked questions 🙋‍♂️

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Do I need to adopt Docable in my whole course all at once?

No, you can use it as little as you needed! Think of Docable platform the same way see Google Docs (but fancier, designed for education and backed by a real computing environment). You can create a notebook page and share it with your students as a link. You can also group multiple notebooks under a "projects" for easier management.

Can we use Docable in our department and multiple courses?

Absolutely! We offer site licenses for departments or companies. The cost will depend on the number of your users and features you need. Contact us here and we would be happy to work with you on this!

I need a feature that Docable doesn't currently support, can I still adopt Docable?

We're always open to suggestions and your feedback! If you ask us about a feature that is commonly requested, there is a good chance we will implement it in the future releases. You can email us here.

Limited offer: Want to adopt Docable? We will take care of content migration for your course pack!